Rebuilding 20 Units of Alstom Locomotives

Alstom locomotives entered to RAI from 2001. According to the preventive maintenance plan introduced by the manufacturer instructions, these locomotives should be overhauled after 20000hrs operation of locomotive and 720000km travel of bogie. Tora started overhauling 20 units of Alstom locomotives since July 2010 during two 5 and 15 units contracts. The performed activities included 20000hrs overhaul consisting overhaul of all locomotive components including; auxiliary electro-motors, main generator, brake system, and some of electric systems, as well as 720000km bogie overhaul, carried out at Karaj locomotive rebuild factories. The spare parts required for performing the project were also supplied by Tora. Worldwide parts sourcing, local manufacturing, and repairing some components in Iran are among the features of this project.