Maintenance of Siemens Locomotive

Siemens passenger locomotives, the youngest locomotives in RAI rolling stock, are made in Germany. They entered the RAI fleet in 2011 and will gradually be added to the rolling stock. The current quantity of the fleet is 30 units which will be increased to 150 units within three years. These locomotives with about 3000 HP power are the first locomotives operating with HEP system in RAI. The locomotives are Bo-Bo type and made by the latest technology, including; electro-pneumatic brake system equipped with microprocessor controlling system, electronic and computerized control systems to distribute force and power, and high-speed engine equipped with CR (Common Rail) injection system. Preventive and corrective maintenance of 30 units of these locomotives have been assigned to Fan Generator industrial group since early 2011, and Tora, as the executive arm of the group in rolling stock maintenance services, is responsible for this duty. Since these locomotives are in their guarantee period, performing scheduled maintenance at the appropriate time utilizing skilled workers is amongst the important issues of the project. The mentioned locomotives are maintained in Tehran and Mashhad running maintenance workshops, and travel in Tehran-Mashhad line. The maintenance services are performed for and under supervision of Mapna Group.