Maintenance of RC4 Electric Locomotives

At present, there are 8 units of electric locomotives operating in RAI, which are the most powerful mainline locomotives of RAI, with the approximate power of 4600 HP. These locomotives were purchased in 1982 from Swedish SAAB, and since then have been serving as part of the stock, particularly in Azerbaijan, between Tabriz and Jolfa. They are working in a 180 km distance, with 20 per 1000 gradient, which is the highest amount of gradient in Iran. Maintaining these locomotives based on manufacturer’s instructions, as well as performing semi overhaul on them, have been Tora’s duty since 21 April 2011 to 21 July 2012 in Azerbaijan, Tabriz. Based on major differences of these electric locomotives with other locomotives of RAI fleet, maintenance of these locomotives requires special care. Accordingly, two repair teams were considered in Jolfa and Tabriz (as the home depot) to perform scheduled and corrective maintenance.