Maintenance of AD43C Alstom Locomotives

Alstom locomotive type AD43C, with 4300 HP engine power (70 freight and 30 passenger units), has been one of the main locomotives in RAI fleet since 2001. Maintenance of 15 units of Alstom passenger locomotives in Tehran Iranian state workshops has been performed by Tora since 1 December 2008. Due to the importance of these locomotives for passenger Transportation in Tehran railway station, and the high tensions existing in keeping passenger locomotives service-ready, maintenance of the locomotives with high levels of availability and reliability have always been amongst the critical features of this project. The project includes scheduled maintenance based on the manufacturing factory’s instructions, as well as corrective maintenance to remove the occurred failures and defects, for the locomotive and its components. Preventive maintenance up to 15000hrs of diesel engine operation, in addition to bogie and other locomotive components maintenance up to 10000hrs of operation have been performed in Tehran and Mashhad depot. In the beginning of the contract, only 8 locomotives were consigned to the company because of improper maintenance of the earlier periods; while at the end of the contract, 19 available locomotives was handed to RAI. Registration of the highest reliability record (1 defect in 500 thousand kilometers of travel) in April 2010, demonstrates the high quality maintenance services of this company.