Rebuild and Repair of Locomotive Control Systems

GM locomotives, with an approximate number of 400 units; including mainline and shunting locomotives, are the largest group in RAI. Regarding the average age of 40 years, these locomotives require special situations of maintenance and care. Tora has been responsible for testing, adjustment, maintenance and rebuild of electric and electronic elements of GM locomotives since late 2009. These repairs were performed in Tehran railway workshops and Karaj locomotive rebuild center. Complete parts supply required for the job was also performed by Tora. Supplying more than 4000 different kinds of parts, most of which being rare, high-technology parts, and some of which not being produced anymore, are some of the difficulties of the project that Tora has successfully overcome. Repairing and rebuilding high-voltage contactors and recovering a large number of out of use contactors, gained high value-added for RAI. Overhaul, testing and adjustment of electronic boards, as well as repairing different kinds of contactors and locomotive modules are some of the main services performed in this project. The quality of these services is of crucial importance for saving the fleet and plays a significant role in keeping promoting the locomotives availability and reliability performance.